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1 Tip for the Christmas Holiday Period

So the countdown begins...

What ever you are doing for Christmas, try to ensure that you’re getting what’s right for you too.

Holiday time can be so entrenched in obligation that there’s a risk of martyrdom... Oh poor me, look at how much I’m doing for everyone else and I’m not getting anything back...

So ask! Yep! Be honest, ask for what it is you need and want. If you are running around like a nutter and uncle Cyril could easily go and collect Mabel from the station, say so. If your other half isn’t a complete twerp and is capable of peeling the spuds, ask! If you need everyone to leave you in peace ... I think you’ve got the message... 

Nobody is going to read your mind, so tell people what’s going on inside that head of yours. Don’t struggle on in victim mode because you will never get your needs met from there.

Be brave, be honest and above all, be true to yourself!