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Life Coaching

My job as a Life Coach is different to my role as a therapist, however, it is worth knowing that if you have unresolved issues, an independent coach would more than likely suggest you see a therapist, because unresolved issues will hold you back from achieving your goals. As a psychotherapist, I can work with you on any unresolved issues you may have whilst you continue to move forward with the goals we set together in your coaching sessions.

The role I would play in your life would be to facilitate you to move forward from the stuck position you are currently in. I won't do the work for you, but as an objective professional, I am able to see your life from a different perspective, be it professional, personal or both. My expertise give me a vantage point, so I have a good view of what needs tweaking and changing and from there I will help you to goal-set and structure your professional and personal life, moving you from a rut to a positive place.

It is not uncommon to hear a client say they feel embarrassed that they need someone to help sort out their life. If you are thinking along these lines in any way, please don't!  Many people enjoy working with a life coach, it is not just for people who feel their life is in a tailspin, it is also about people who know they don't want to stay in their current position, they want to move onward and upward, Now!

Can you do it yourself? Of course you can, but once you decide you want to progress with your life, it makes sense to hire a professional to get you there quicker!

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