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As a Mediation Practitioner I work with couples and families to come to an amicable, non-confrontational solution to their disagreements, disputes or separation.

Mediation is a way of reaching resolution without the need for courts, tribunals, judges or arbitrators and it's quicker and cheaper too!

When emotions are running high it's difficult to be amiable especially if you feel that you are in the right and the other person(s) is in the wrong. You probably don't want to 'back down', you think "Why should I?  it's not my fault" so you're either arguing or not talking, it's a stalemate situation.

As a trained mediator it's my job to help you to find a resolution to the problem and unlike law firms and arbitration, Mediation does not make winners and losers, it aims at compromise, with all parties coming out happier than when they walked in.

Just like when I'm counselling, your Mediation sessions will be confidential, safe and non-judgemental.

During your Mediation sessions you will learn new ways of communicating your dissatisfaction, I will help you build your own tool-kit to avoid the escalation of disagreements in the future.

It is normal to have disagreements, people clash and you're not going to agree on everything all the time, but how you 'do' conflict is what makes all the difference.

Mediation can teach you new and helpful ways of disagreeing without warring.

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