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7 Tips for Managing Coronavirus induced Anxiety

by Samantha De Bono

We are living in very uncertain times at the moment and there’s a lot of contradicting and distressing information about Covid-19 out there, so we are needing to sift through the information regularly to ascertain what’s right and what’s wrong.  Natural this will cause elements of anxiety in most of us, and for those who suffer with anxiety in every day life anyway, this uncertainty will bring about even more heightened anxiety.

First of all, it’s normal to worry. Life as we know it has been interrupted and it’s natural to fear the unknown. So please don’t think you’re weird for getting stressed and anxious. Normalise these feelings, but don’t dive into that pool and flap about in it for too long, or you’ll go all wrinkly and get overwhelmed.  Instead, accept your anxiety, recognise that the ever changing situation is enough to make anyone nervous and then step out of that pool, dry yourself off and concentrate on something else.

  1. Down load a relaxation app on your phone and look into mindfulness meditation videos on YouTube.
  2. Keep your self busy. Don’t sit for long periods of time trawling the Internet and reading stories about tragedy and trauma. Instead, do a puzzle, colour-in with your kids and if you haven’t got kids colour-in anyway, it’s mindless and relaxing. If you have a garden, get outside and tidy up the outside space. Do 10,000 steps a day - doesn’t matter how, just make sure you get them in. Do a quizz, video call friends and family every day.
  3. Don’t watch every single news report on the current situation. Turn off the notifications on your phone, don’t read about every fluctuation in the current situation. It will only lead to fear and helplessness. All you need to do is make sure you’re doing your bit by staying in your house and sticking to the government guidelines. It’s not necessary to keep up to date with every single statistic. There’s nothing we can do about any of it anyway, so stay in, stay safe and stay sane.
  4. Be realistic, remind yourself and your children that no matter how much we fear getting the coronavirus, the reality is that even if we were to get it, the likelihood is it won’t affect you, or them any more than any other flu virus has in the past. We are isolating so that we don’t spread it to people who are old and people who are already sick with other health issues, not because it’s going to kill us if we get it.
  5. Check in on old and frail people. Maybe put a note through their letterbox with your telephone number, offering to bring them shopping if they need it. Let them know you’ll drop their supplies on their doorstep.
  6. If your finances are what’s causing anxiety, please try not to panic. The government are aware that rents will fall behind and so evictions will not be issued during this time. Essential services such as gas and electric  suppliers are also stating that nobody will be cut off during this time. Any other financial burdens you have, try not to worry. Get in touch with them - mostly everyone is offering contingency plans to make situations like this more manageable.
  7. Finally don’t forget that your wellbeing does not have to slip, you are not on your own.  In fact, you’re probably in the majority more now than ever before.  Counsellors are still there, we’re doing sessions online, so don’t sit ruminating and getting all up inside your head. Reach out, get help, you deserve it! x