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8 little facts about sex

Only about 7% of married couples have regular sex. 
When we meet someone that we are sexually interested in, a chemical in the brain called PEA is released. After about 2 years, this chemical diminishes. 
Girls are brought up to believe that wanting sex is wrong. No parents talk to girls about the joy of it or about orgasm. 
Boys however access internet pornography which teaches them nothing about intimacy and how to make love to anybody. 
10% of people check their smartphones during sex and 35% check them immediately after. Which means we are connected to the internet but disconnected from our partners. 
Men tend to cheat if they are in a sexless marriage, but they cheat because they want to keep their marriage.
Women cheat too! But they tend to cheat when they are want to leave the marriage. 
Marriage changed in the early 20th century from getting married for financial gain to getting married for "love" and for "ever".