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Don't Make a Bad Day Worse!

By Samantha De Bono


Isn't it so easy to just spiral downwards when we get bad news, or when things go wrong. We give ourselves all sorts of reasons to make things ten times worse.

You must have heard someone say "be good to yourself" and we take that to mean do whatever comes to mind first, like go straight to the pub, eat a ton of carbs, moan to anyone and everyone and above all else, totally resist acceptance or resolution.

It doesn't take long for us to see that what we're doing is making ourselves feel even worse.  

When things are going badly, try not to ruminate, avoid great chunks of time doing nothing but thinking about how shit things are.  Get up, get out and get busy, write down the problem and give yourself time to reflect, but not ruminate.

If you have a counsellor or a trusted objective friend who doesn't join you in the drama, make contact with them. 

Remember, you don't want to React to the problem, you want to Respond to it. Reaction is instant and unprocessed. Response is thought through and processed.

I like this article so wanted to share it with you guys.