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Signs you are in an Abusive Relationship

As a Couples Counsellor I see many relationships, some good, some not so good obviously. Over the years I have found it interesting to see that many people do not recognise when they are in an abusive relationship. The reason for this is far reaching and for another blog, but in this one I want to highlight less obvious forms of abuse but equally important and traumatic to the person on the receiving end.

You are likely to know you are in an Abusive relationship if your partner hits, punches, bites or kicks you. But your partner does not need to use violence if he/she controls you by using other tactics. Violence is likely to be a result of the other tactics no longer working for them. For example:

Bullying, Isolating, Sexual Control, Demeaning, Lying, Ganging-up, Coercing, Threatening.

Seeing those words doesn’t mean a lot. They’re just words. But the behaviour behind these words have an immense impact and cause devastating damage to their victim.

I’m going to explain what each of these mean and why your partner does it, but I’ll break them down into separate blogs for ease of reading.

If you are struggling through a relationship that makes you feel bad about yourself, it’s doubtful it’s all in your head and it’s equally doubtful that you are the cause of the problem.

Counselling can help you to make sense of what you are going through and help you work through your options. A counsellor should not tell you what to do or to get out of your relationship, but counselling can help you find clarity for yourself.

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