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Single on Valentine's Day

If you are single I am sure Valentine's Day is one of those irritating celebrations that you could well do without. All those smug loved-up couple's gazing at each other across candlelit tables, or at least that's what you think it's like for everyone else but you. 

If Cupid seems to have his arrows pointing in the wrong direction, here's some things you could do this year to make Valentines about love, not lovers.

  • On 14th February have dinner with some or one of your dearly loved friends, single or married, doesn't matter, just feel the love!
  • Send cards to the people you love, married and single, male and female, children and adults. Let them know how blessed you feel to have them in your life.
  • Buy yourself and your closest girlfriends a bunch of flowers or heart-shaped chocolates.
  • Don't listen to music that makes you feel lonely or watch films that make you cry, instead get yourself feeling upbeat and positive about your future, listen to lively, happy music or watch your favourite comedies, or films that inspire you.
  • A week or so ahead of Valentine's Day, send out an email at work to all the single people inviting them to the local pub for a drink and a get together for 'singles Valentine'.
  • If you're not at work, get all your single friends round for a cocktail night and celebrate valentines together.
  • Don't shy away from Valentine's Day, be bold, be out-there and be glad for those who are in happy relationships and above all, keep a positive mind about what's in store for you!

Finally, if you feel down because you haven't found that special someone yet, that's okay. But don't allow your gloom to be open-ended.  Give yourself a time period, an hour, two hours, a day, but it's important that you have a cut-off time to it.  Have a plan in mind for the end of your 'allowed gloomy time' where you action some or all of the above points and move on.

You might be alone, but you don't have to be lonely. We are all attracted to positive people, so give out that vibe, believe this is just one phase of your life and that, like every other phase of your life, you will move through it to another one.  Make the next phase of your life a positive one. If others can do it, so can you! x