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What's Holding You Back from Having the Life you Want?

by Samantha De Bono

Would you love to write that book you've thought about for years? "what if nobody reads it?" or maybe you fantasise about running the London Marathon this year "But what if I can't reach the finish line?".

To take that step and in some cases, that leap, we need to stop seeing our lives in black or white, success or failure terms. I know this is difficult, because these beliefs are generally set up way back in childhood, where we were taught to believe right or wrong. Absolutes such as pass or fail stick with us from way back when.

But going for something regardless of the outcome is liberating as long as it comes from a genuine desire to fulfil your dream rather than feed your ego. If we are only concerned with how good we'll look to others, we'll resist making that move for fear of failure, however, when we are coming from a good place within ourselves and we decide to take that plunge we are able enjoy the experience and feel the achievement for what it truly is and that way success or failure won't come into it.

So write that book, not because you want a No.1 best seller, but because you love to write and you've got a story to tell. Run that marathon because you know you'll feel exhilarated and love the experience.

Don't let fear of failure hold you back. Enjoy the journey.