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Why Do Celebrity Relationships End So Often?

by Samantha De Bono

Let’s face it, relationships take work.  I know we all love to think “if it’s right it just works” but it doesn’t.  At stages throughout all relationships there is a need for hard work and the rest of the time maintenance is needed.

So to do any kind of work on anything at all, we have to be present to do it. In relationships where there is a high percentage of travel involved, couples struggle because their time together diminishes which starts to create a void that the couple feel but can’t do anything about from a distance.

Problems set in when the void is filled by others outside of the relationship and jealousy raises its ugly head.  Celebrities spend vast amounts of time on set with other actors which can build bonds and increase temptation.  Is it any wonder that infidelity is high? Hundreds of miles away from a partner for months on end, feeling lonely and horny and then spend the day snogging the face off Leonardo DiCaprio or Jennifer Anniston. it doesn’t take a relationship counsellor to work out that this is likely to cause difficulties in the relationship.

Many people don’t want to put in the time or effort it takes to make a marriage work, for celebrities it can often be because they are more inclined to build on themselves rather than the relationship and because making a relationship work means that each person will be required to think more about their partner than themselves, the sacrifice is too big, which is likely to cause celebrities to go for a quick fix and something that looks good from a marketing perspective rather than opt for the hard work it takes to get things back on track.

However, even if the celebrity couple do want to work at it, they have the added problem of media intrusion.  It’s humiliating enough for any couple to be limping along trying not to show signs to the outside world that their marriage is on the rocks, but can you imagine what it must be like to be watched from a zoom lens with every movement being analysed and broadcast across the world.  Time apart again becomes the enemy because the couple can’t even show a united front even if they don’t want relations to disintegrate, they can’t find time to work on the problems and commit to things like relationship counselling if their diaries hardly ever sync-up.

Steady amounts of time together is necessary to sustain a happy relationship, all relationships need time, consistency, unity and privacy.