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Domestic Violence

by Samantha De Bono

Domestic Abuse (domestic violence) does not just affect people of a certain race, age, gender or background; it knows no ethnic, cultural, social or personal boundaries. It is not just about physical abuse; it involves emotional and psychological abuse too. It's about living in fear without control over your life, and feeling powerless to change it.

Often the victim of domestic abuse is unsure whether or not she/he is being abused, but knows something is wrong, they ask themselves the question; "is it me?". They hope that it's just a phase that will pass, they try to make the abuser happy by changing their own behaviour, in the hope that the person they fell in love with, will reappear and life will be enjoyable once again.

A once confident, motivated person can become withdrawn and suffer very low self-esteem, feel depressed, anxious or suicidal.

Counselling will not advise you or tell you what to do about your relationship. It is not about telling you to leave, but it will offer you a safe, confidential environment to talk about how your current situation is affecting you and work with you on ways to rebuild your self-esteem and confidence, so that you can see things more clearly and make decisions for yourself in your own time.